The adventuring group followed the secret passage and it lead to a small storage room next to the sleeping quarters of the Horned Hold. The next room they found was the armory, where the sabotaged all armor and weaponry. Next, they found the courtyard, where Silk and Perrin had previously investigated. New guards were posted and these were quickly dispatched. Next the group had the choice of two doors. After listening at both doors, the group concluded that a smithy or foundry was behind both doors and the rooms were connected. The biggest door was barricaded with stuff from the armory, where as the small door was chosen to break into. The same tactic was chosen as with the previous guards, Rothyrn would disable one using his Garotte, while Silk would charge the other. But this Orc and Duergar weren’t alone, in the other room another Orc and another Duergar were working. They surprised and surrounded Rothyrn, preventing Mylan from aiding him. Then the Duergar leader appeared from thin air and he blinded everyone. While Silk and Keyan were capable for retreating and tend to their wounds, nothing could be done for Rothyrn and Mylan. Rothyrn was still strained from previous battles the same day and he eventually fell. The last duergar appeared from nothing, took a dagger and slit Rothyrn’s throat. Mylan was quick to follow, his head was cut from his torso, ultimately killing him. Silk and Keyan then returned and killed all but one Duergar, who fled.