Rothyrn and Silk were bandaged and awoken. Silk was cured of her poison and both were brought up to speed of what had transpired. Rothyrn confessed he only remembered being in a plane of Fire, where demons feared and served him, as if he was their master. The bracers Rothyrn wore were supposed to prevent the demon from taking control, but apparently they were damaged during the Siege of Winterhaven.

The adventuring party decided that their next objective would be the Duergar Grimmerzhul Murkelmoore. Keyan and Mylan entered the Grimmerzhul trading post to buy a staff for Silk, while Rothyrn and Silk stayed outside. Together, they forged a plan to find out if the Duergar was behind the slavery in Seven Pillared Halls. Keyan and Mylan were busy appraising Keyans old armor, when Silk and Rothyrn entered. Silk and Rothyrn were on Mylan for leaving without permission and taking the human slave with him! They were supposed to be looking for a slave trader to sell the human, not trade some armor! While Mylan caught the hint, Keyan did not, or refused to play along. This put the Duergar on edge and eventually a battle ensued. The battle was fierce, almost everyone was knocked unconscious and put back unto his/her feet by one of the others, but eventually all the Duergar fell and their leader was subdued. A quick search through the trading post revealed a Magic Orb and several gems of worth. Silk used the Magic Orb as a mortar and the gems as resource for some new healing potions. Keyan interrogation of the captured Duergar leader was too harsh and the Duergar died before he could be of any use. Luckily, Rothyrn had already found a secret passage.