Bandaged, rested and well fed, the adventuring party was ready to go back to the Seven-Pillared Hall. When the group exited the Chamber of Eyes, the found Terilin. Dead … and hairy. Extremely hairy, hairy like Rothyrn. Hairy like a were rat. While Silk recollected his knowledge about were rats, Rothyrn tried to poke Keyan with the dismembered and transformed hand of Terelin. He succeeded and accidentally scratched Keyan, which erupted into a battle. Only after Mylan’s intervention, did the adventuring party continue.

After arriving hours later, thanks to Silks “shorter path”, did the party arrive again at Seven Pillared Halls. There they went straight to the Half-moon inn. When they entered a Female Dragonborn clad in armor, they later learned she was called Surina, stepped up to them and said “It’s those Drow! They are the ones who are behind the Slave trade, they must be! Be with me and stop them!” After which Surine attacked the only two Drow in the Halfmoon Inn. Diplomatic actions were first taken to try and calm both sides, but nothing that Silk and Rothyrn said would calm them down. As Surina was quickly being defeated by the two Drow, the party had to step in. A great battle ensued, Silk was poisoned and effectively taken down, Mylan was knocked unconscious multiple times and Surina was barely standing up. Then things went from bad to worse, as Rothyrn lost control and was consumed by his own Shadow, that took the shape of a huge winged Demon, with Rothyrn’s suspended body in it’s centre. While Mylan and Keyan fled with Silk and Surina, the demon who took over Rothyrn made short work of the Drow. But it’s hunger wasn’t sated, so he raged on. When he massacred everyone still left in the Halfmoon Inn, he exited and went after Mylan and Keyan. Thanks to the Drow who had greatly bloodied the demon, Mylan and Keyan were capable of defeating the demon. Rothyrn returned back into his regular self, but still deep asleep, as if dreaming. Brug then made his timely appearance and was convinced by Keyan that it was all the fault of Surina, for it was she who had intimidate the Drow.