Both mourned the deaths of their friends, even the death of Rothyrn, but Silk and Keyan now had a dilemma. Mylan was the carrier of the Rod of Ruin, the evil artifact they set out to destroy. Who would now carry the Rof of Ruin and complete the quest? Both Keyan and Silk were consumed by an unnatural desire for the Rod of Ruin, but it was Keyan who first reached it. The moment Keyan touched the Rod of Ruin, he saw all flashbacks Mylan had seen. Silk now lost her unnatural desire for the Rod of Ruin and smelled something wrong was afoot. Keyan refused to put down the Rod of Ruin. Silk tried to force Keyan, but to no avail. A concencus was reached, the Rod of Ruin was wrapped and put away. Searching the now empty rooms, Silk and Keyan found nothing of value, except for an almost exact replica of the Rod of Ruin. It was decided that the replica would also be carried by Keyan, with the real Rod of Ruin kept wrapped in cloth. Silk and Keyan continued traveling and when Silk wasn’t paying attention, Keyan switched the staves, so he held the real Rod of Ruin in hands and kept the fake one wrapped. They found a passage that lead up. The passage opened up to an arena, with two humans in it: a young, but frail and sickly thin woman armed only with an orb and an older man, in black plate armor, armed with a huge tower shield and a rune inscribed longsword. These two humans, first tried to trick Silk so he would fall down into the arena too, but after some discussion in was decided that the mysterious duo would be released by Silk and Keyan. An intricate lever system was found, that controlled a huge grabber. After a few failed attempts, Silk finally understood the system and helped the mysterious duo out. But Keyan made a demand for the rescue, the duo would now serve Keyan. Both woman and man went unto their knees and promised allegiance to Keyan (who didn’t notice that the man did not bow before him, but before his staff). They duo introduced themselves as Quinizzia, a necromancer and Lord Ardeth de Tylmarande, former General of Neverwinter.

The brave adventuring party lost two companions, but gained two news ones as well. These new additions seem to hate the Duergar enough to keep up a truce, but will they be able to fulfill the spots left by Mylan and Rothyrn? Only time will tell.