Party members of this session: Little Crow, Fairuza, Moras, Zaldar

Date 1st of Summer, 66016


  • The PC’s went after fleeing enemy
  • During a scuffle between the fleeing enemy and Zaldar, Zaldar saw he was fighting his sister Zara
  • Zara explained that after Zaldar left (“Sent away!!”), his brother started acting weird and he left.
  • Zara decided to leave; wanting to learn more of artifice with the Gnomes
  • She was recruited by Azarr Kull, we heard of her skill at artifice. Even though she suspected evil intentions, she joined
  • She claims to have skipped an implant that would control her
  • Controlling is done by using a small chip, implanted when ‘completing’ someone
  • Completion is done via small Completion Robots that replace cells with mechanical versions.
  • The Completion Robots can only survive while residing within “Glistening Oil”. Glistening Oil replaces blood in completed limbs and organs
  • The Completion Robots continue completing an individual, once injected with the Robots and Oil. While this may take a long while, the end result would be a fully completed being
  • While Seldra de Tylmarande worked under Azarr Kull to find alternative ways to Complete a being (aside from using the Dragons Teeth), it was Zara’s job to work on improving completed beings
  • Zara revealed that Bord, brother of Zaldar and Zara has joined the Illithi
  • The Illithi are a rival faction to the Thran. Where the Thran specialise in Tech, the Illithi specialise in Psionics (or Eco)
  • Zara agreed to a procedure that would put her in hibernation.
  • Fairuza attempted to put Zara into hibernation. While learning more of the highly advanced Completion process, Fairuza was not successful in putting Zara in hibernation. Instead, she did remove Zara’s (completed) legs, so she couldn’t run away.
  • Fairuza discovered that the Completion Process consists of three things: the Robots, the Glistening Oil and a third, currently unknown factor

Date 4th of Summer, 66016

  • After 2 days of Travel (4th of Summer) Zara was left in custody with the SK dwarves
  • Zara revealed Azarr Kull has a large, highly advanced ship. After finding that ship, he started his quest of Completing everyone
  • Azarr Kull has his base in Rhest
  • The party left towards Rhest

Date 8th of Summer, 66016

  • After 4 days of travel (8th of summer), The group enters the Blackfens swamps, the group was attacked by a Completed Green Dragon