Party members of this session: Little Crow, Fairuza, Moras, Zaldar

Date 8th of Summer, 66016

  • The group defeated the Completed Green Dragon
  • Moments later, a group of owls with elven riders arrived.
  • One owl had a human driver, who revealed himself to be Bord, brother of Zaldar
  • PC’s arrived at Starsong Hill and where invited to talk with Sellyria [old woman] & Trellara[younger woman]
  • The elves will not assist the PCs, unless a black dragon has been defeated in the ancient town of Rhest
  • Zaldar talked with his brother Bord about why he left and what happened after Zaldar left
  • Bord is revealed to be a telepath (i.e. he is psionic)
  • While sleeping, the PCs had a new dream with the following journal entry:

    Journal of James Hendrix. Entry 5 of 8: December 22st of 2020, midday.  After receiving the Thran Robotics data from Ruaz Argive, we received the data today from his competitor and brother, Rashim Argive. Rashim’s data comes from Illithi Research, the company he founded. It is widely different from the data from Thran Robotics. The researchers from Illithi Research have engineered a small tadpole. When the tadpole is inserted to a person’s ear, the tadpole attaches itself to the brains of the subject, in a form of symbiosis. It feeds on on “thought energy” and in return, gives the subject powers over their minds. They can send thoughts to others, read the minds of others, and move objects. With their minds! Telepathy is real. Telekinesis is real!

  • Fairuza went on to investigate whether Bord has a Illithid tadpole. He has.
  • A number of elves around the camp also have Illithid tadpoles.
  • Sellyria, the old woman & Trellara, the younger woman, are revealed to be telepaths. They do not appear to have the same Illithid tadpoles as Bord.
  • Fairuza talked with both women to convince them to allow the PCs to do research on the tadpoles. They first want proof that the tadpoles are dangerous
  • Moras went to the library and was almost, almost caught by Trellara stealing a scroll.