Party members of this session: Little Crow, Fairuza, Morass, Zaldar

Date 38th of Spring, 66016

I. Skull Gorge Bridge

  • 1 Bridge. 4 Watchtowers. 1 Dragon, 1 Hobgoblin Captain, 7 Hobgoblins and 2 Hell Hounds.
  • While invisible; Crow and Moras killed two hobgoblin guards , Fairuza sniped a third.
  • Crow did an awesome spider-climb-jump on tower from one tower to the other, while Zaldar trick-shot his Fire Bolts towards the reinforcements behind Crow
  • Zaldar enclosed the dragon in an ice sphere. Twice.
  • Crow used Moras’s force beads to kill two Hobgoblin s, 1 Hell Hound and jettison the Hobgoblin Captain into the ravine. “Aaaaaahhhh…”
  • All the while, Fairuza was sniping away, covering everyones back.
  • (Compleated) Dragons talk like Arnold Scharwarzenegger
  • When only one creature remained, the dragon, Fairuza saw her chance. Hold breath, aim and … <shot through the eye> <fall to the ground> <fall into ravine>
  • The camp was looted and many potions were found.

J. Cinder Hill

  • The group traveled to Cinder Hill.
  • They saw the army the late Seldra de Tylmarande has built. It numbers into the thousands.
  • They went back to Skull Gorge Bridge, awaiting a member of the army to interrogate.
  • By using Silent Image (Morass) and Minor Illusion-Sound (Zaldar) to recreate the Dragon, to could (unharmingly) interrogate a Goblin Worg rider:
    • The army will march in approx. two days towards Drellin’s Ferry
    • Other riders have been sent to “the Ghost Lord”
    • Goblins make a “pain au chocolat” pastry treat, made from humans (“Pain au Humain”?)
  • A suitable time after the Goblin Worg Riders have left, the group destroyed the Skull Gorge Bridge.

Date 39th of Spring, 66016

Day 4 of this adventure was spent traveling back towards Drellin’s Ferry

Date 40th of Spring, 66016

The adventure will continue on the morning of day 5, where the group just arrived at Drellin’s Ferry.


To be determined