Party members of this session: Hacklor, DreamMaster. Dungeon Master of this session: Ariejan

Date 14th of Summer

The group started out on the outskirts of Istivin. A massive black dome is still present around the village. Hacklor and DreamMaster are convinced it’s magic, but they were not able to observe any signs of it. DreamMaster did muster up the courage to touch the dome. Although unclear what material it is, it felt lik cold metal.

Not sure how to continue with the dome over Istivin at this time, the companions decide to travel around the mountain range to a town named Abelt.

Date 16th of Summer

After two days of travel Hacklor and DreamMaster arrive at Abelt when the sun is about to set. Although they’re accustomed to being greeted and welcomed into any friendly village, the people here seem to be wary of their arrival. Mothers husk their children inside and men stop what they’re doing to take sideways glances at the travelling strangers.

The party soon finds the village inn. Looking for answers they are pointed to a rowdy fellow by the inn keeper. Hacklor and DreamMaster sit down at a table next to this fellow and try to make friendly contact - which utterly fails.

The man they want to speak, as it turns out, is named Albere, he’s quite the macho man, likes to abuse the tavern wench and seems overly fond of giants. After a small incident Albere theatens that “he will be back” and leaves the inn.

The townsfolk explain to Hacklor and DreamMaster that Albere is part of a larger band of villains and that he’ll surely be back to take out his anger on them - and the village. The party quietly leaves the villages and takes up position at the foot of a mountain. While they gather some stones to use as ammunition, they await the arrival of Albere and a band of thugs.

They do not have to wait long as a huge Frost Giant named Big Johann rides forward to their position on a huge Mastodon. Johann is followed by 10 Giant Ogres and Albere. After announcing himself and this intentions to destroy Hacklor and DreamMaster, he charges forward and knocks Hacklor unconscious with a single swing of his great axe.

At this point, having dodged a few blows himself, DreamMaster spots a small cave that might protect them - at least from the giant folk. He is able to wake Hacklor and drag her to the cave - they are followed by Albere (who can also enter the cave) and a single Ogre.

Hacklor crawls deeper into the cave to use her longbow from a safe distance while DreamMaster stays at the front of the cave to deal with Albere and the Ogre. Big Johann, while Hacklor and DreamMaster were running for their caver, threw a huge rock, but missed and instead hit the Ogre in the head, doing a great deal of damage.

The ogre, who’s to big to enter the cave, can only poke inside with his javelin, trying to do some damage, but failing miserably. With much effort and quite a bit of luck, DreamMaster and Hacklor are able to kill Albere.

They decided to leave the Frost Giant and Ogres that are waiting outside their cave, to brave a small expedition deeper into the cave. After getting soaking wet and having to crawl on their bellies, they manage to find that this tunnel exit within the mountain range.

When they emerge from the cave the clearly see the Davish river and the black dome of Istivin.


Both Hacklor and DreamMaster escaped with their lives and +1000 XP. They also receive 15GP each. In addition, Hacklor found a Silver Horn of Valhalla at the exit of their cave.