Party members of this session: Quarion, Hacklor, Bhalrick, Astro

Date 10th of Summer, Year to be determined

  • The group started near a camp of refugees. There are two problems:
    1. Monsters in the area
    2. Something dark is happening in Istivin
  • Met a knight who asked for their help with the difficulties in Istivin. Seeing an opportunity for gold & fighting, the party set out towards Istivin
  • Met a group of dwarves. The dwarven way of greeting is by headbutting each other. The dwarves gave the location of a Hill Giant Steading
  • Bhalrick wants to go to the Hill Giant Steading. Quarion wants to go to Istivin. The group is now heanding towards the Hill Giant Steading but taking a detour via Istivin.

Date 11th of Summer

  • Hid from a group (50+) of Ogres.
  • Followed the group of Ogres, the try to kidnap one in the night.
  • Tried to find information on the Ogre leader while all Ogres were sleaping. Found some gems, but no information.

Date 12th of Summer

  • Followed the Ogres in the morning to determine their destination.
  • It was not the refugee camp, so it was decided to head to Istivin again.

Date 13th of Summer

  • Met a patrol group near Istivin. Told them about the large Ogre group.
  • Met with Lashthon, the current leader near Istivin, Randos the Cleric and Algorath the sage.
  • The sage explained:
    • A dome, shaped like an insect, appeared in Istivin a few days/weeks ago. It has slowly been growing since, covering most of Istivin now.
    • Only natives of Istivin can enter the dome, but none have come out recently
    • While Istivin is in trouble, there have also been reports of monster attack in the country, including Giants. They appear to be organised.
    • Bhalrick is about to attempt to strike the dark dome over Istivin.


To be determined