Party members of this session: Little Crow, Fairuza, Morass, Zaldar

Date 37th of Spring, 66016

  • Party arrives at Drellinā€™s Ferry
  • Party checks in at the Old Bridge
  • Party is visited by Norro Winston and Captain Soranna. They ask for help with dealing with recent Hobgoblin attacks that are becoming more organized
  • Zaldar visited Sertieren the Wise. He asked Sertieren to investigate:
    1. Harbinger
    2. Thran Robotics
  • Moras robs several people in Drellinā€™s Ferry and scams the local pawn shop (buy offering a fake necklace, enchanted to be look like a more expensive one)
  • Fairuza investigates the recent attacks by Hobgoblin and finds a track to follow

Date 38th of Spring, 66016

  • Party leaves in the morning to follow the Hobgoblin tracks.
  • The party visits Jorr in his cabin. He offers advice to investigate Skull Gorge Bridge and buys a map from him
  • The party follow the Hobgoblin tracks to Vraath Keep
  • Killed all (hob-)goblins in Vraath Keep AND a manticore. The party has captured the leader and found a map with clues.


To be determined