Players present: Hacklor, Roël, La’urens

  • The players have found 2 elevators, leading up.
  • Walked past the elevators and arrived in a circular room containing a gem and a corpse. Trying to grab the gem reversed gravity, falling upwards. Oh and there are spikes on the ceiling. Obviously.
  • Roël, the Sorcerer with very little hp, tied a rope to his middle and tried to grab the gem again. Then Hacklor also tried again. Just to see if any variation would yield something good. No additional shinies were found.
  • Went up the stairs, arriving at the upper floors where the elevators lead to.
  • Found a door, which was not a door, but a Mimic! La’urens comically got both his hands, his short sword, his dagger and a set of dice stuck on the Mimic. The mimic is now a pile of dead stuff.
  • The party heard chicken noises and found a group of 4 very large chickens. They later found out these were Cockatrices. Underneath an overturned mining cart the group found HugHug. HugHug is the sole survivor of a group of Goblins who enterend the Mines of Madness.

Upper level Explored map Lower level Explored map


How happy were you with last session?

Image of the happiness

What was good during this session

  • Pacing of the story is good, not too fast, not too slow.
  • Had a lot of fun again! Managed to stay alive for another round!

What could have gone better

  • I need to improve my map drawing skills, sometimes the directions are difficult to follow.
  • I should take more risks, it’s more fun! The being said, I’d also like to examine rooms/stuff more. There’s also a nagging feeling I don’t exploit all my abilities yet, because I’m not familiar enough with my character and the possibilities in D&D.

What are the players most curious about

  • If showing the slimy door my mirror would have turned it into a mirror considering it likes to take the shape of inanimate objects :-)
  • What our brand new companion Editor’s note: HugHug is going to add to the story :D

Anything else?

  • Thanks :)