Party members of this session: Little Crow, Moras, Zaldar, Fairuza

Date 28th of Spring, 66016

It was now time for the party to get the four items they need; the book, the dagger, the mask and the bell

Hall of the Crimson Whip

  • Two pools of blood separated by a stone walkway. At the far end were two pedestals, containing the haft and blade of the dagger.
  • Fishing in the pools of blood revealed that the two large statues rotate with huge metallic whips, hitting everything within 7 squares.
  • The first statue was rigged, it’s range reduced to 5 squares.
  • A body was pushed into the pool of blood. This revealed there is something that can strive in the blood.
  • Another body is tied to the whip of the closest statue, and dropped into the blood. This triggers the minotaur statue, which makes a full turn, then drops the body into the blood. Which attracts the Carnage Demon, who subsequently gets thrown out of the blood pool and gets hit by ranged attacks AND the minotaur statue.
  • The second pool had two carnage demons, who were distracted by using another corpse and some coordinated movements.

Colour Token Rewards

  • Fairuza White for walking through blood for the team
  • Crow White for being the “Meatshield” of the party
  • Moras Blue for coming up with a tactical plan to get the dagger
  • Zaldar Blue for coming up with a tactical plan to get the dagger

Hall of the Howling Pillars

  • A room filled with Pillars of tortured souls.
  • The party used a table as a “shield” to navigate the room and stay clear of the pillars.
  • Moras “grabbed” the Bell with an Indiana-Jones-kind of trick. This woke up the Barlgura and carnage demons in the room
  • While Fairuza and Little Crow could quickly exit the room, Moras and Zaldar were randomly teleported to the worst position possible. With some more team effort, the group espaced the room with the bell_

Colour Token Rewards

  • Fairuza White for chosing healing over damage during this encounter
  • Crow White for going back to distract the demons, so Zaldar could escape
  • Moras Black for valiantly running away
  • Zaldar Black for valiantly hiding from the enemies

Hall of Enforced Introspection

  • Hall filled with pillars, with magical mirrors on each side
  • Zaldar covered himself up with a bedsheet and strode into the room, following the wall.
  • At a crossing, Zaldar peaked underneath the bedsheet to see the layout of the room. Though randomly teleported by looking into one of the mirrors, he could convey how to continue.
  • The whole group traveled to the end of the room, where another black curtain hung. Behind it, were two skeleton guardians.
  • After defeating the skeletons the last item, the mask, was in the groups possession.

Colour Token Rewards

  • Fairuza Blue for seeing that the best option to get close is to stand in front of a teleport mirror
  • Crow Blue for “fighting” the skeletons by letting them look into the mirrors
  • Moras Blue for “fighting” the skeletons by letting them look into the mirrors
  • Zaldar Red for his impulse decision to just go into the room


How happy were you with last session?

Image of the happiness

What was good during this session

  • Very different kinds of encounters. We had the option to be very creative in our approach.

What could have gone better

  • We need more melee fighters present ;)

What are the players most curious about

  • What happens when we place the items in the cirkels

Anything else?