Players present: Hacklor, Roël, Aermund

  • The group is in search of the Forever Stone within the Mines of Madness
  • Roël the Barbarian and Hacklor the Fighter were eaten by a Purple Wurm, who swallowed the outhouse they were investigating.
  • Roël the Sorcerer and Hacklor the Bard arrived to help Aermund the Pirate Cleric enter the Mines of Madness
  • Aermund almost died beneath a tunnel collapse trap while entering the Mines of Madness
  • The group reached a room with a super happy fun slide. At the end of the slide was weird green dust that temporarily blinds you.
  • Roël the Sorcerer finds a Duck-Helmet that makes him understand dwarven
  • The group is ambushed by a group of Giant Lizard Skeletons. Followed by an ambush by Dwarf Skeletons.

Death is imminent. Will the group survive?

The map when we ended


How happy were you with last session?

Image of the happiness

What was good during this session

  • Good balance between RP, battle and puzzling. Also, dying characters. This adds more variety to the game. The ‘Help Us’ note on the door was a nice touch.
  • Playing a “traditional” D&D game

What could have gone better

  • Moar playa’s!
  • Getting there on time :) Maybe one or two players more.

What are the players most curious about

  • How we’re going to survive (if at all) the horde of dwarf skeletons and what we’re going to find next.
  • What else there is to explore. I hope we don’t find the ?-stone in the chest that the skeleton dwarf is standing on, it’d be over too soon :D

Anything else?

  • Keep on doing that thing you do! :-)
  • I think I’m starting to form an answer to the 30-year old question “Would D&D be something for me?”