a Bard, a Fighter, a Barbarian, a Rogue and a Cleric walk into a random session

  • The hatch from previous session ends up in a ramsshackle warehouse
  • The PC’s find, fight and defeat Lurg, a giant of a man who was hiding in the warehouse
  • The PC’s find a hatch that leads to an underground cavern
  • Several robed men and women are defeated in the carvern. The PC’s find disguises for the Night Knives, other missing children and a mysterious letter:

Night Cloak Felonin; You may be confused by the contents of this parcel, but permit to assuage any uncertainty you might have.

It is imperative that the truth of our activities be known by none outside of our Faith. While our hold on this nation is string, common knowledge of our recent dealings would prove ruinous for the Church.

Should the need arise, destroy all trappings of our faith and replace them with the enclosed items. The Night Knives will make a convenient and convincing scapegoat, and I have grown tiresome of dealing with them. With the blame placed upon them, we will be free to resume our operations if interrupted. Also, I do not want you to treat the kir-lanan that I have sent you as fodder. Their allegiance was hard-fought, and I’d not risk their loyalty solely because you don’t want to stir your own tea.

Hopefully this will satisfy any questions you have, as I fully rely upon you to utilize your own cunning to fill any gaps that my instructions have not filled.

I know I needn’t remind you to destroy this missive upon you reading it. Hopefully you are not so foolish as to neglect that yet again.

Yours truly, Your Dark Mother