Party members of this session: Little Crow, Fairuza, Moras, Zaldar

Date 9th of Summer, 66016

  • Around Ruins of Rhest (which lies in a lake) are small Lizardfolk villages
  • The lizardfolk were not completed, but all had mechanical spiders on their chests
  • One older lizardfolk was hanging in a cage in the middle of the village
  • The Lizardfolk of that village were defeated by knocking them unconscious, all mechanical spiders were removed.
  • The Gnarl, old lizardfolk that was captured, that ever since a black dragon and it’s minions took over the what is Ruins of Rhest, the lizardfolk villages were attacked by those spiders. Whoever had such a spider on its chest served the black dragon and Warlord Saarvith
  • The PC’s form a plan to cross the lake in the evening


  • PC’s steal a boat and cross the river.
  • They take out a guardian Ogre


  • Gain the assistance of the Elves in Starsong Hill
    • Resolve the agressive lizardfolk situation in the Ruins of Rhest
  • Assist Brindol in defence against the Hord
  • Find and Kill Azzarr Khul
  • Find the sister of Zaldar