Party members of this session: Little Crow, Fairuza, Moras, Zaldar

Date 40th of Spring, 66016


  • Back in Drellinā€™s Ferry, the PCs got to talk with the Council, consisting of:
    • Captain Soranna, Captain of the Guard
    • Winston, the town speaker
    • Sentierren the Wise, the halfing wizard
    • Kellin, halfling owner of the Old Bridge Inn
    • Iormel, the owner of several shops, including the pawn shop
  • Iormel recognised the group (well, Moras) and accused them of forgery
  • Fairuza became pissed of with Iormel
  • The council was convinced to evacuate town
  • The PCs are to go to the Ghostlord and prevent whatever is happening there.
  • Captain Soranna informed the PCs that the Ghostlord is a child myth and it might be a wild goose chase
  • There are elves in Witchwood. Soranna will send a messenger to ask for help


  • While on the road, the group came across a fallen wagon, with goblins, Ettins and Compleated Humans
  • Three chests full of gold were found, with a letter from the Lord of Brindol to the Shining Axe Company. The Lord of Brindol wishes to hire 200 Shining Axe dwarves for the protection of Brindol. The amount of 6.000GP was mentioned in the letter
  • The money was put into Morasā€™s Bag of Holding

Date 1st of Summer, 66016

late afternoon

  • Arrived in the Thorn Wastes
  • Found a great lion statue with two caves inside
  • Moras almost became a Behir snack at the entrance of the caves
  • Ghost Lions attacked the group in a corridor
  • Hobgoblin Monks & clerics were fought inside the lion statue. A statue of an almost octopus like creature with coloured eyes was destroyed
  • An invisible enemy ran away

it is now evening