Players present: Bart the Bard, Aermund, Ro’el, Lau’rens, Jœry

  • The group found the same hidden chapter as the characters in the previous session.
  • Aermund quickly caught on and tried to sacrifice Lau’rens. Lau’rens responded with an Eldritch Blast.
  • Suddenly, the previously dead Jello-Oink-Zombie-Lau’rens appeared. Along with a weird looking Duck Helmet.
  • Jello-Oink-Zombie-Lau’rens was sacrificed by Jœry (and/or Aermund)
  • The group went past the black obsidian and encountered an Iron Golem pommeling crystals
  • The passage was blocked by a huge boulder.
  • Suddenly, the previously dead Jello-Oink-Zombie-Lau’rens appeared.
  • Jello-Oink-Zombie-Lau’rens was sent past the huge boulder, as he was the only one who could fit between the cracks. Jello-Oink-Zombie-Lau’rens left the group to fend for its own.
  • Ro’el tried to lure the golem to destroy the huge boulder. Instead, he enraged the golem.
  • The golem was destroyed by Bart, the Bard using a Crossbow Bolt of Mighty Slaying that suddenly appeared.

With the only creature that could move the huge boulder destroyed, the group was stuck between the sacrificial chamber and the boulder. We can assume the party has died, either by in fighting, famine or any combination of both.

No one knows what happened to Jello-Oink-Zombie-Lau’rens after he passed the huge boulder.

For the Players

Next session we will do a character creation session before we start an actual campaign.

Make sure to have a paper Character Sheet (I can suggest the “Fith Edition Character Sheet - Alternative”). Yes, there are apps that you can use (Lion’s Denn “Fight Club” is one), but I can advice to use pen & paper. Writing everything with pen & paper helps you understand why something has a certain value and how it works.

For whoever does not have a Player’s Handbook, download (or use the web version of) the free Basic Rules. The Basic Rules contains the classes cleric, fighter, rogue and wizard and the races dwarf, elf, halfling and human.

During a session, if I have a question about your character, it is your responsibility that you can show it. I don’t care about the format (book, printout, pdf or other). Saying “it’s in your book” isn’t good enough.