Party members of this session: Fairuza, Zaldar

Date 29th of Spring, 66016

  • Put all 4 objects on the magic circles. Door is slowly opening, but traps are triggering in all rooms
  • Huge black Doom Sphere spawned and rolls around the inner track.
  • A green dragon awoke
  • Tricked dragon to get stuck in the path of the Doom Sphere.
  • Killed dragon, but almost died in the process
  • Found a dig site with Completed Drow, a Completed Drider and Completed slaves
  • Rigged the Doom Sphere to roll into the room, killing the Completed Slaves.
  • Defeated the Completed Drider and Completed Drow.
  • Saved a gnome archeologist, called the Archeologist. It was her that Rebaroff was trying to save
  • Found a large stash of magical items
  • Found the last clue where Seldra is
  • Received a new Backwards-Flash-Forward-vision
  • Inn and shop of Rendill and Taffarof are empty. The deed to the inn was left on the counter


Due to my holiday, no evaluation was sent.