Players present: Roël, Lau’rens, Jœry

  • Went back to the room with the giant boulder. Triggered the trap. Players, and HugHug, got squished. Everyone survived!
  • Found a hallway with moaning sounds coming from it. Broke the wall open, found a suspicious gate.
  • Bravely sent HugHug through the gate. Hughug came out because he got scared by oink zombies. Oink zombies followed through the gate. Killed Oink Zombies, claimed their golden swords.
  • Sent Lau’rens through the gate. He returned as a Jello Oink Zombie.
  • Sent Ro’el through the gate. Didn’t come out again.
  • Sent Lau’rens through the gate. Also didn’t come out.
  • Jœry and Hughug continue their search for the forever stone.


Due to my holiday I did not send an evaluation.