Players present: Hacklor, Roël, Aermund, La’urens

  • Dwarf Skeletons were defeated with help of La’urens, another of the adventuring group, who overslept.
  • Roël has found the deed to the “Corkscrew Mines”, whatever those are
  • La’urens got stuck in a magical hallway, but got out by walking backwards
  • The group found an Iron Hammer, which is “only to be used in case of Berserk Golem”. Aermund took it along.
  • The group found a door, carved in the likelihood of a grinning dwarf. Hacklor and La’urens went through the mouth and are now made of jello (resistance to piercing & bludgeoning damage, and they no longer need to eat). Roël and Aermund just used the door … by opening it.
  • The group tried one hallway and found a fake door. Also, Hacklor’s newfound powers as a Jello-Humanoid were found useful, as he/she/it was stabbed by a trap.
  • A mine shaft was found, with the ghost of a fallen dwarf at the bottom. No treasure was found on him.
  • DM’s note, the group is now in area 20


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