Party members of this session: Little Crow, Fairuza, Moras, Zaldar

Date 20th of Spring, 66016

  • The players have shopped at Deekins Deekins Keep Rain from Deekins Head Shop shop
  • Zaldar has received a sending from someone, but he has not shared this information with the party
  • Talked with Lady Aribeth. Seldra has been dealing with the Bloodreavers, they might lead them to Seldra. The Bloodreavers are know to be active around Menzoberranzan.
  • Fairuza has been to Menzoberranzan before. She leads the groups to Old Owl well in the Sword Mountains. There is a tunnel leading from the mountains near Old Owl Well down into the Underdark

Date 24th of Spring, 66016

  • Arrived in the Dark Dominion (or Bauthwaf when speaking Drow). There the group overheard a halfling being kidnapped.
  • Rescued halfling, who introduced himself as Rendil Symeera. His mother runs the inn Narbondelā€™s Shadow and his farther a shop for adventuring gear in the same building.
  • Rendil explains he was trailing Bloodreavers, but they caught him instead.
  • Rendil knows where their hide-out is: in the Chamber of Eyes, within the Bauthwaf
  • Rendil has arranged free lodging in Narbondelā€™s Shadow for the groups kindness.
  • The group has started infiltration into the Chamber of Eyes. The first goblins have already been dealt with.
  • Goblins still speak french. They call themselves ā€œSaccageur de Sangā€
  • Rendil speaks with a Texan accent.

What was good during this session

  • Verschillende verhaallijnen. Mijn ā€œgeheimeā€ opdracht. Goede manier van omschrijven, aanvallen van monsters. het casten van spells enz.

What could have gone better

  • rommelig begin, met het uitzoeken van items. Ik had me ook iets beter kunnen voorbereiden, met het door lezen van de achtergrond.

What are the players most curious about

  • Hoe het verhaal verder gaat, tevens ontwikkeling van mijn verhaallijn.

Anything else?

  • Over het algemeel, prima. Erg vermakelijk