Party members of this session: Little Crow, Fairuza, Quinthya, Moras, Ronny James Dio

Date 13th of Spring, 66016

  • The group agreed that they first want to talk with Lady Aribeth, before handing over the Waterdhavian Creature Components to make a cure
  • During the talk with Lady Aribeth and Desther, the group caught on that Desther might be the culprit behind the Wailing Death
  • Searching Desther rooms together with Lady Aribeth, the group found clues that 1 year ago something happened to Desther
  • While confronting Desther with their suspicions, he attacked! He tried to get away, but was restrained.
  • When the group defeated Desther, he revealed the following:
    • Lady Aribeth is not the real Aribeth, but her twin-sister Seldra. The real Aribeth is in a cell underneath Helmā€™s Hold.
    • Three years ago, Seldra ordered the death of Aribeth. Desther secretly captured Aribeth instead of killing her and experimented and tortured her.
    • A year ago, Desther and his allies killed all the priests at Helmā€™s Hold and took over their identities.
    • Seldra and Desther worked together to spread the Wailing Death. The ā€œblessingsā€ of Destherā€™s Priests were the cause of the Wailing Death
    • Seldra has probably escaped
  • While in Helmā€™s Hold, the group also found Deekin to be alive
  • While in Helmā€™s Hold, there was already a small army of Wailing Death victims. They have been altered into metallic zombies.
  • The group has found new magical items to use

Note: This session marks the end of the Neverwinter Nights campaign

What was good during this session

  • I finally got to play D&D, and I liked it a lot!
  • Nice plot twist, didnā€™t see it coming
  • Lots of RP and Story! The battle encounter was also different from just killing the npc.

What could have gone better

  • My dice rolling ;)
  • James Dio rolling higher that a 2. Personally: better figure out my PCs abilities and use them more often.
  • Faster play

What are the players most curious about

  • Whatā€™ll happen back at the castle with the real Aribeth. Will everyone recognise her, or will they stand behind the evil sister? And will the priest prove to be a friend after all?
  • Full-scale war was mentioned. Sounds awesome :-) Curious to see if thatā€™s the chose path and how it will pan out. Also, this gets read and acted upon more than my works hapiness :+1:
  • What Seldra wants with the Waterdhavian creatures