Party members of this session: Little Crow, Fairuza, Quinthya, Moras

Date 12th of Spring, 66016

  • Only 1 threat is left: the bomb underneath one of the three Neverwinter Bridges (the Sleeping Dragon, the Winged Wyvern, the Dolphin)
  • The only information the party had, was that at the end of today the bomb would explode.
  • While Fairuza bought a small rowing boat, Morass went to find some used nets.
  • The first bridge that the group investigated was the Sleeping Dragon. The PCs found resistance from 6 Fire Knives, who were on the look out for anyone trying to disarm the bomb.
  • While battling the Fire Knives, two Blood Sailors showed up, both grafted with swords in the same way Sherry was grafted.
  • The Blood Sailors were both extremely hardy. A “killing blow” did not always stop them.
  • A captured Fire Knive revealed that there were similar teams at the Winged Wyvern and the Dolphin.
  • Better prepared than at the Sleeping Dragon, the PCs quickly identified the Fire Knive Wizard at the Winged Wyvern. After a quick battle, Quinthya found the bomb.
  • Retrieving the bomb went easily enough. It was loaded unto the rowing boat, pushed out to sea and brought to explode.

Date 13th of Spring, 66016

  • Taking a long rest, the PCs contemplated where the Blood Sailor hideout would be. Going through the belongs on Sherry again, Quinthya came up with the location of the hideout.
  • A sack of prumes, a musty smell on Blood Sailors, a walking cane grafted unto one of the Blood Sailors. It could only be the Neverwinter Home for the Elderly
  • The Neverwinter Home for the Elderly basement yielded an acces way to an older building that was built, long before the Home for the Elderly was built.
  • Within it, the missing Yuan-Ti was using the bodies of Wailing Death victims to graft weaponry upon them and use them as a small army
  • The Yuan-Ti tried to put up a fight, but was eventually knocked unconscious.

What was good during this session?

  • Good role play and team work to find the bomb, balanced enemies, and some arching story (like hints we should have picked up in previous sessions). Liked it!
  • Creativeness, good teamwork

What could have gone better?

  • More character development

What are you most curious about?

  • What’ll happen when we have captured all three Waterdhavian creatures.