This post is for the players in the Neverwinter Nights campaign

When you return to the Moonstone Mask, you see a sealed letter on your bed. Opening it reveals the following letter:

Signed date: 23st of Spring, year 62015

Dear Adventurers,

On the 12th of Spring I have asked you all for your assistance in recapturing the Waterdhavian creatures, that have escaped the Neverwinter Heroes Academy. I havenā€™t heard from you all since. Have you been able to track down the Waterdhavian creatures? Is your mission successful?

More and more people are afflicted with the Wailing Death each day. The death toll has risen to 5,000 people, almost 1/5th of Neverwinterā€™s entire population. We must find the Waterdhavian creatures and make a cure, fast!

Luckily, I have also received good news; the Warden of the Neverwinter Prison has been found and the escaped prisoners have been captured, bringing relative peace again to the Scar District. I have also heard that the famish in the Blacklake District has ended with the discovery of a huge stash in the basement of Merchant Meldanen, along with records of a large slave trade within our city. If you all are the reason for this good news, you have our thanks!

I hope to hear of you soon!

With kind regards, Lady Aribeth de Tylmarande of the Neverwinter Nine