Intro movie

  • The adventurers have taken a week off, on advice of Lady Aribeth, to get some rest after their first great battle.
  • In the last week some strange things have been happening in Neverwinter.
    • In the Scar District, prisoners roam free. The warden has released the prisoners and now the streets are no longer safe.
    • In Black Lake District, there is a great food shortage.
    • The Docks are no longer safe. There is fighting on the streets between thief guilds.
    • Rha, the goblin, has been asking about the PC’s, as they told him they would help him with freeing the women and children of his clan. He is actively being ignored.
  • After a short talk with Lady Aribeth, they PC’s decide to investigate the Scar District. Arriving at the Scar, they help a guard captain
  • One of the inmates is captured. Interrogation reveals that a bandit leader in the sewers has a key to allow inmates into the prison. The Warden is in control of the prison, but he released the inmates. The inmates now follow him.
  • The captured inmates leads the adventurers to the entrance of the sewer hideout. The inmate is killed by Moras and used as a distraction.