Fling the Halfling!

  • The group hasn’t found the secret room yet
  • Group baricaded the door of Area 4 DC: 23
  • Group followed Snuff to the crypt
  • Antioch first stayed upstairs, because it was dark in the crypt. Only when Snuff went to fetch Antioch did he go down, lighting a torch. Anthioch plays his fear of darkness, the others have no clue
  • Reasoning of Kylar: If Snuff wants to go one way, then that’s where we need to go; first check downstairs.
  • Group triggered two of the alarm signs, defeated all the zombies. They really enjoyed the Large zombie, but would have like it to be stronger.
  • Then the group cleared area 7, Antioch made smart use of the fire protection abilities of the Shield of Tiamat. Despite being just minions, they did do a fair amount of damage. Continued spawning for 5 rounds did add to the difficulty, but no one obviously noticed when the skeleton warriors stopped spawning.
  • Antioch received his vision from the temple of Bahamut. They all took their respective dragon statues along. When Antioch discussed his vision, he kept the blood waterfall out.