“The Magnificent Buddy Bag, straight from Waterdeep!”

  • First hints at Shippo not being able to exactly locate Steven, link felt cold.
  • Sister Nala was shown the letter from Urtok.
  • Date with Rinon went wel, Naivara was certainly interested in Rinon
  • First battle against Kir-Lanan’s. Immobilize &Push effect should be more like the Kobold Shaman for consistency with the power. Fly by can be abbused more.
  • Fighting on two levels (on the beams and on the floor) was received well
  • Naivara went backt to Rinon’s cabbin with him. She was bandaged by Rinon, while Althea went sneaking along. She was seen by Rinon’s wolves and left in a tree. Rinon then escorted the three back to Winterhaven.
  • Naivara trusts Rinon, and he has gained Antioch’s confidence. Althea doesn’t trust him.
  • On Rinon’s urging, the group went to Bairwin’s Grande Shoppe, trying to get inside. He left towards the secret temple below his Shoppe
  • Players met with the mayor, Lord Padraig.

Things the players know

  • There are cultist of Shar in Winterhaven
  • They are trying to open some tear
  • There is something with a dragon Shandraxil
  • There is some dude called Kalarel, Bairwin probably knows more

Things the players don’t know

  • Kalarel is trying to free Shandraxil, by opening a tear into the Shadowfell
  • They know nothing of a keep near Winterhaven
  • Rinon is the spy in Winterhaven. He is Kalarel

Questions the players have

  • Shippo Where is Steven?
  • Althea Where is Steven? Make sure they find out Steven is being corrupted
  • Kylar Where is my girlfriend? Tie in Mask and transforming into a Shade to this
  • Antioch Where is the Hammer of Tiamat?
  • Naivara ?