The water of the pond with the mermaid statue was luckily not poisoned, or else the most curious and quickly bored human Keyan would have been struck with decease from drinking the unknown waters. No, everything was fine, but what now? Well the group decided that the best course of action would be to open the large double door with the Beholder depicted on it. Rothyrn and Mylan opened the door first, because Rothyrn held the key and Mylan because he always goes in first. When Mylan opened the door, he had a flashback: Mylan was in large chamber adorned with eyes. Hundreds of Eyes, eyes everywhere on the walls. Inside that room were dozens of Minotaur, praying to Baphomet. Something behind the large eyes on the far wall awakened to these prayers and all the eyes on the walls started to bleed. Mylan could feel his power growing.

Within that room was Krand, a large hobgoblin with two axes. After a brutal battle, Krand fell, but a goblin got away. The group knew they were in trouble and they had to do something quickly.