Perrin went running back to the Seven-Pillared Halls, while mumbling something about “yellow boots”. Despite his preoccupation with his latest epiphany, he had mind enough to send word to Rothyrn and tell him the group could use his skills at the Chamber of Eyes.

Rothyrn immediately left and guided by Terelin after a roughly an hour arrived to find Silk, Mylan and Keyan exploring the first hall of the Chambers of Eyes.

They were standing in front of a door, a Beholder depicted on it and coming up with a plan to dispose of the two goblin guards on the other side. As Rothyrn joined this discussion, they apparently spoke too loudly, for they heard to guards call out “Who goes there?!” With some quick thinking, the group came with a plan to trick the goblins: “We are here to sell a slave!”. “A slave?” the goblins answered. “Yes, this human, we know that most slaves they die way to soon, so we brought a healer human”. After some coercion, the two guards agreed to ‘buy’ Keyan and Silk for 2 gold pieces. When the goblins opened the door, the scared goblins attacked the group despite all previous efforts.

Even though the first two were quickly dispatched, more goblins arrived, led by a large Hobgoblin. Making use, though not the most optimal use, of the size of the corridor, the group of goblins was dispatched. The hobgoblin had a magical belt (Belt of Sarcrifice) and a keychain with a number of keys. While Mylan and Silk were discussing further actions and Rothyrn busy roasting the arm of the Hobgoblin, Keyan was tired of waiting and walked up the stairs to investigate the upper floors. After walking through a hallway, he opened a door were two stout looking, dark skinned dwarves with spiky beards stood. Keyan did what any sensible human would do in his case, he slammed the door shut and ran. Keyan came down the stairs, screaming “Dwarves! Dwarves!” Mylan immediately ran up the stairs to stop the Duergar, Silk ran to flank them from the other side, using the second door in the room the duergar were sitting in.

And Rothyrn? Rothyrn used his considerable knowledge of underground ruins and went to flank the duergar from yet another side … by going back from where the group came. Even though these dwarves were a lot harder to take down, Mylan was skillfully keeping them distracted while Silk viciously attacked them from behind, eventually being joined by Rothyrn. With the combined skills and stealthiness of Silk and Rothyrn they made sure the Duergar suffered the same fate as the goblins.

After taking a breather, the group continued their investigation of the Chamber of Eyes. They passed another door depicting a beholder and went into a large chamber with a statue of a mermaid and a large pond. Being the curious human Keyan is, he decided it would be good to ‘investigate’ the water by drinking it. What happened then? Well, that’s a story for another time.