The beginnings of a new Chapter…

Aftermath of Winterhaven

The group of adventurers that aided in the Defense of the Winterhaven weren’t enough. Despite the rain of fire cast about by Puck & Rath, the skillful exploitations of the teams lead by Perrin and the enduring defense by Mylan and Per, Winterhaven fell. Only a few farmers, the Lord of Winterhaven, Rothyrn and the adventurers could escape. It was a true massacre. But not all was last, for a way was found that lead directly to the source of all this evil. A way … to Kalarel. The adventurers confronted Kalarel and did the unthinkable, they defeated Kalarel. The adventurers paid a great price for this immense feat, a price too great, for only two of the five survived. The chapter of Winterhaven has closed for these adventureres, but new adventures await. And new friends to make those adventures.

Day 0

This journal is written in a extremely neat handwritting that betrays a great dexterous hand. Which is surprising, for those who see the writer except a ferocious animal, not a dexterous writer. It is written in a form of Elvish, but not exactly Elvish. It is more complex, more elaborate, but not as curly. The journal is stained with grease and blood marks.

The horror, the nightmare, it happened again. My new friends, if I may call them friends went to Kalarel to defeat him. I trailed them with the intent to help them in their battle, surprise Kalarel from the vantage point I used in the previous battle. I watched them slaughter their own friends, risen as a zombie by Kalarel. It reminded me of the battle between David, Marc and the others and Kalarel. I was paralyzed of fear for it to happen again. I could do nothing, I was weak. My new friends were being beaten brutally by Kalarel, and I ran. I ran as hard as I could, the afterimage of the battle burned into my eyes. I sat outside, whimpering. I vaguely remember a loud noise, and a while later Perrin put his hand on my shoulder. It appears, Perrin was to far away of the blast created by Per and Puck, and Mylan miraculously survived as well.

Mylan told us he woke with Kalarel’s Rod of Ruin in hand, and having a kind of flasback. He dreamed of holding the Rod of Ruined wearing heavy armor marching an army of demons towards the Feywild. He felt every arrow that hit his minions and eventually fell into a fissure. He also remembered the words “Find Karavakos!”.

Perrin had found a note, talking about the Bloodreaver group. I had procured a similar months before, so we decided to go Thunderspire Mountains to investigate. En route, we met a pair of travelers. One, a called Keyan, who claimed to be looking for Rath and a black panther called Silk, his traveling companion.

Perrin told us about the 7 Pillared Halls, having been there before for a performance. The 7 Pillared Halls lay within Thunderspire Mountain and are led by a group of mages. The town is mostly a trade-town, trading goods for transport to or from the Underdark. Perrin also talked about an Ordinator Arcanus, a kind of judicator who brings “justice”. I should remember not to “accidentally acquire” an item, for Perrin told the Ordinator cuts of hands for such a mishap!

Day 5

In front of the gate that leads to the caves in which the 7 Pillared Halls lie, Mylan had another flashback. This time, he was leading an army of undead, slaughtering hordes of Minotaur. What could this mean? Mylan also complained of feeling a bit weak ever since buying a new sword, also he no longer is a walking armor, but he has a skeleton. He still has some flesh on his bones, I wonder if he would feel pain if I would taste some of his flesh?

On our way towards the Halls, we encountered and defeated a group of Bloodreavers, who obviously are slave traders. They were trying to “acquire” a new halfling, Rendel. After saving Rendel, he led us to the Halls and brought us to his family inn, the Halfmoon Inn. All the halflings there wear yellow boots, the strangest thing.

We split up, acquiring information about the Bloodreavers and the state of the city. Perrin, Mylan and Keyan talked with people after a performance, while the panther-now-female-dryad Silk and I assumed a disguise of a mercenary and his canny hyena (perhaps I should ask her to become a great Lionness, what a sight that would be!) to infiltrate Brug’s Brigade. Brug, an Ogre and his brigade used to keep the order in the Halls on the orders of the ruling wizards, but he seems to be lacking in his duties lately. This caused the Bloodreavers to take up a greater presence in the city, even openly dealing with slaves (which apparently is frowned upon, unlike in Menzoberranzan and the other Drow cities). A small reptilian creature, called Charrak, told me he knew the Bloodreavers have a strong presence in the Chamber of Eyes and Charrak can lead us to it. Perrins group confirmed this information from a guide called Harwin.

I believe Silk and I were successful in impressing Brug, after winning a small arm pressing challenge. I’m glad I still remember how to create the poisons my teacher thought me, the stupid Ogre suspected nothing of foul play! Oh, and don’t drink Rothan’s strongest drink. It reeks and almost knocked my outcold.

After leaving Rothan’s dispicable Inn, Silk and I met up with the others and tried to gain an audience with the ruling wizards to no avail. We are back in the Halfmoon Inn and are [the penstroke is that started a letter is drawn over the entire page, as if the writer had been disturbed]