From the journal of Haian Longshot and Semmy.

Once the fierce battle with Barwen was over. We bound him to a chair to interrogate him, he was stubborn and didn’t want to answer to our questions. I was a bit tired so decided to sit on one of the many benches in this sanctuary of the evil Kalarel. (toch?) When I touched the bench I suddenly shrunk to minimal size and everybody was looking for me. I couldn’t hear what everybody was saying because of my shrunken elven ears. But I was still able to see the rest. They interrogated Barwen further and by some intimidating looks of Rothyrn and David Barwen decided to talk. Rothyrn came to me and held his head close to the bench where I was standing on. He said that the bench was magic and I will turn to my normal size when I get off. Rothyrn gave me a hand to stand on, but when I was on his hand I suddenly turned normal size again and we both fell on the ground with my total weight on his hand. I was a bit soar but I bill take care of it, he is a strong gnoll and can handle it.

After my rescue further interrogation of Barwen was impossible. He had taken a vial from where we couldn’t see and broke it. His skin turned dark black from his arms to the rest of his body. When his total body was covered a white spirit like object flew out of him out of the sanctuary where we were. Barwen had killed himself.

We decided to take him to the Lord. David held the chair in front of him with the dead body on top so he doesn’t had to touch it. He didn’t like it all looking at his face.

We walked across the town yard and everybody was watching us with disgust.

Arrived at the lord we explained him everything. He asked us to further investigate this matter. As a bonus he granted us the privilege of no evening clock.

After that visit we saw (naam van ziener) at the courtyard and asked to speak with him. He told us to enter his tower and take the hidden door with the stairs down. Semmy and Haakon died down there and David encountered a Beholder which he punched in the eye before her walked off. So David walked first telling he would punch that beholder again. He was sweating and shaking walking the stairs down as if he was afraid. He told us that is was because the torch he was holding was warm. When we were at the bottom of the stairs we came in the room of (naam van ziener). Howe is this possible. We walked the stairs down but came out in the top of his tower. He must be a powerful magician. He told us more about the history of the opening of the rift to the shadowfell and about the keep that was build around the gate to protect this gate. After our visit we decided to go to this keep and investigate it, maybe finding more treasures.

Maybe I can also find more information about Zhakter and his whereabouts. I still have to revenge him for what he has done to me and Semmy many years ago.