From the journal of Haian Longshot and Semmy

The writing ispeculiar. The firm, neat and graceful handwriting clearly indicates an elven education. Still, something doesn’t quite fit. The language is simple and without sophisticated phrases, as if the education had never been completed

We arrived at the digging site and a gnome told us they were working for Douven, the teacher of my friend Marc. We walked down and were suddenly attacked. It was a difficult battle. I don’t know how it is possible, but they could hit really hard, everybody was knocked out cold, except for Eldarwen. I also had an off day, kept missing most of my arrows. I should train some more with Semmy the upcoming days. Maybe I can ask Eldarwen and Haakon to help us.

Also during the battle Rothyrn turned into a large, horned, scary black demon or something. He looses all control. Semmy and I have to keep our distance from him or we will get hurt by his uncontrollable rage.

At the end of the battle we captured one of the gnomes and freed Douven who was tied to a chair in the corner of the battlefield.

Marc kept his sword at the captured gnome’s neck and we tried to interrogate him. He was sent by the pharmacist of Winterhaven, Barwen. We should visit him soon and ask what his problem he has with us. We decided to let him go but not before Rothyrn had a good smell of him. We let him run and then Rothyrn turned into a vague cloud and followed him without the gnome’s knowledge. I’m interesting in what Rothyrn can report us when he returns.

We also had a good talk with Douven. He told us more disturbing rumors about the evil dark lord Kalarel and his interest in Winterhaven. We found a magical mirror in a chest close by. This mirror was used by Karavakos, together with the Rod of Ruin to summon an demonic army from the Shadowfell. Karavakos sold his soul in return, so later in history, Orcus came to repay the debt, which cost Karavakos his life. The mirror aids in the process of opening a rift to the Shadowfell, but is not necessarily needed. Rothyrn has told us that his group was sent to retrieve the Rod of Ruin, for it was stolen by Kalarel from the Church of Bahamut (I never knew he was of the worshipping kind). Apparently, Kalarel is using the Rod of Ruin to do experiments on the inhabitants of Winterhaven, and re-animating them.

I hope our next battle will go more smoothly. I also should tell Delral and David that they mustn’t drink that much beer in the morning, so they don’t fall asleep in the inn right before our journey. We could use their skills in battle.