About the journal of Rothyrn

There are no dates in this journal, only mentions of the stance of “Narbondel-in-the-sky”, which probably refers to the time of day.

This journal is full with stains, grease, food, saliva …

The handwriting itself is astonishing. Every letter is written the same and it is exceptionally readable. Especially when you take into account this is written by a gnoll with claws! It is written in neither elvish, nor eladrin, but it is in a language that looks like both.

From the journal of Rothyrn

The Narbondel-in-the-sky is beyond the middle

… We have fought with kobolds and a hobgoblin today, as we were instructed by the Lord of Winterhaven. Iron-Tooth was particularly strong, though nothing we couldn’t handle. I had another black-out during battle though, I remember half of the battle only vaguely. I know I was angry, and I believe I was trying to attack Eldarwen. The others were asking me al kinds of silly questions about me being a demon. Hah! I know most humans despise me because of how I look, but I know I’m no demon!

After I ripped off Iron-Tooth’s arm (it was yummy! lots of meat! The bone was a bit hard though), Eldarwen took his iron teeth. That elf has something with teeth, I need to make sure she doesn’t steal mine!

Marc fought wel in the battle, he even gave me half a pair of glasses! He’s nice and he fights well, perhaps I should give him some more credit.

We had found a letter written by Kalarel! It mentioned a spy in Winterhaven. David should be notified of this. I made sure I was the one who will carry it, we cannot lose such evidence! David, the leader of the party I arrived with, will be pleased!

After the fight at the cave, we went back to Winterhaven. We met up with Delral and went to see the lord. We decided to not tell the lord about the letter. I and Marc got interjected by the others while we were in the presence of the Lord. That was particularly irritating. It didn’t sit wel with the Lord either. We should scold the others to be quiet when talking with our employers. Oh, the Tiefling and sissy elf were there too, Marc should talk with them. Anyway, the Lord told us to gain the attention of the seer when he is riding his griffifin (or was it grophyn?). I’m gonna meet the beast! Perhaps I get the chance to ask the seer to ride it! We got a sack of gold for killing the kobolds. A lott of gold, I have no idea why that much, it was just a bunch of kobold… The thiefling tried to get a part of the gold, that lazy rothé! He wasn’t even there! I need to watch my back around him. We can’t have a spoiled lazy demonblood in our way. Oh, and we split it in equal parts, perhaps I should give the sissy elf a bit less, because he was all the way at the back, while Marc, Eldarwen and I where risking our lives in front of Iron-Tooth.

Ooh! I smelled naked humans in the house of the Lord. Perhaps I should ask the others if that is his harem or something out of the ordinary. I’ve noticed that the surface world is not like the Underdark. If it’s normal, then I should try to attain my own harem!

The Narbondel-in-the-sky is starting to go out

Just back in the inn. I combed myself before I went in, I have no idea why I did that! Strange things are happening… The inn lady that smells like soap in beer is still treating me like a pet. Hmpf, at least I can enter now. The upper world is not the free country I was told about at all.

Delral and the sissy elf went to the mysterious man in the corner of the inn (and he’s there every day) to get some more information about hims. They were back within a minute without succes! The amateurs! The sissy elf probably messed things up…

We’re going to the seer with his griffifin in a minute. I’m going to see it finally! It smells so intriguing! Oh, I shouldn’t forget to talk with the seer about the letter, he might know something more about the cult and Kalarel. Perhaps I should ask him about the Lord as well? Though, he was the one who said we could gain the seer’s attention at morning and eve, when the Seer arrives on his griffifin. David will be so proud with all the information I’ll find!

The Narbondel-in-the-sky is dark

Tonight was a disaster! We went to the tower, Delral shot a beam of light out of his hand towards the griffifin, then the seer stole him! He teleported the dwarf away! We then broke into his tower, but he has a inefficient house. The door leads to a closed room, except for a trap door. I sent Eldarwen and the sissy elf first. Then Haakon suddenly died! We weren’t going to be able to get the dwarf back! I was so worried we were going to lose him. Then the dwarf banged on the door, the seer had teleported him back outside! While we were opening the door, the seer stole Eldarwen! Without a way to reach her, we started interrogating Delral. The seer wanted to know why we were here and was interested in the cave were we had slain Iron-Tooth and something about a Bloodraven Clan. Oh, and he mentioned slaves. So there are slaves in the upper world. We should steal them and sell them! Anyways, after Eldarwen, the Seer stole Marc. He was away for a particular long time. Eldarwen didn’t get much out of the seer. When Marc was done with the Seer, the seer teleported us all out, then guards came to bring us inside! Stupid curfew, now I saw neither the Seer nor the griffifin! We did learn that we can just knock on his door. We’ll do that tomorrow. I wonder if I’m magically tagged now, the seer touched me and Marc just before he disappeared again.

I’m writing from my own room in the inn! The inn-lady that smells like soap-in-beer doesn’t know I’m up here, so I need sneak out again at dawn. Delral offered to keep his window open so I could sneak in. That was nice from him, it makes up for the failure of the sneaky bloke gathering of information of the cloaked gentlemen. Perhaps I should try to procure some more information in this town soon, I might even be obliged to use my extraordinary abilities to procure the necessary information. I say, this monocle I received from Marc sure is dandy, it makes reading a lot easier. Fine chap, that Marc. If I could only procure a cup of tea.

Oh, leadership is starting to suite me quite well. When David isn’t around, the rest is starting to learn that then I’m in charge of our fine company, even Marc is starting to listen. If I keep this up, I might be able to become chief of our fellowship!

The Narbondel-in-the-sky has just been lighted

The rooster of this morning was particularly fresh and wriggling. It teased my tasting buds perfectly. Perhaps it was because I ate it while it was crowing.

Huh, that’s odd. I just read back what I have written, but I can’t believe I’ve written that! I know I did it, but it doesn’t sound like me. Perhaps there is something wrong with me, perhaps I’m possessed!

No, it can’t be that, I’ve never heard of a demon that uses proper language and etiket. It is weird though.

This piece of text is written a lot sloppier, it’s a lot bigger, as though written in anger.

That treacherous demonblood! That rotten piece of rothé! The thiefling has been sooping around my bags! And I didn’t notice a thing! He was curious about the letter, asking too many questions about it while we were on our way to show it to the Lord of Winterhaven, as adviced by the seer. I showed him who’s boss by not showing it to him (I couldn’t risk losing it! What will David think of me then!). After a while the others starting to ask too! Then I had no choice, so I started looking in my bag, when that rothé said “See! You don’t have it!” I wasn’t even finished looking through my bag! He KNEW I had lost it. Marc said that the Seer had taken it, but I cannot allow a thiefling to humiliate me in such a way! I will have my revenge though, my mentor trained for that!

Oh, I forgot: The Narbondel-in-the-sky is still low

The meeting with the Lord went horrible, without the letter we couldn’t make a case. Even Mark couldn’t do anything about it. And the sissy elf and the thiefling weren’t helpful at all, blabbering about! It’s all the thiefling fault!

The Narbondel-in-the-sky is in the middle

The rest of today we will be investigating the disappearance of Marc’s mentor. The fine chap invited me and the others to join him in a trip to the dragon graveyard in the neighbourhood. If we help his group, perhaps I could invite him to join our cause as well! He also told me he was going to shorten the leash on the thiefling. Apparently he, along with the sissy-elf were hired by Marc to find his mentor.

We’re going, I’m going to watch my back with the thiefling around, and make sure Eldarwen, Marc, Dalrel and Haakon don’t get hurt by him!